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Charismatic,Outgoing, Patient, Peaceful, and Joyous in the work of the LORD. Kingdom Building for Kingdom Advancement, Energetic, Encourager, Prolific Prophetic Public Speaker, Teacher, Laborer. In Indianapolis, Indiana USA Apostle Dr Cynthia, accepted the Clarion call of Christ as an evangelist and begun a new journey through “The Power of a Praying Women” Ministry, counseling, community outreach, conferences, bible classes held in her home, wherever doors were opened, she entered into Indiana Christian University in Noblesville, IN. In 1996, founded by Lester Sumeral Ministries LESEA Ministries and Bible College. In 1996, she was given the vision of “I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER” Ministries and began to function as the visionary for the vision through prayer, counseling and however the Holy Spirit leads and wherever she was led. God has truly blessed the Vision of IAMBKIM to date I AMBKIM functions in SA, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Uganda, Pakistan, Sierra Leone empowering Leadership with the Sword of the Spirit through the word of God. We have transitioned through the Spirit and support all with prayer, counseling, and sound biblical doctorine with prophetic release and revelation. God truly has been faithful unto us... We are not bound with tradition of man for our steps are ordered of the Lord... Psalm 37:23

Teaching the Word of God in homes, women’s shelters and varies churches, Father God blessed Apostle Dr. Cynthia with the anointing of Prophetic gifting and the revelation. Apostle has ministered in Missouri, Chicago, Connecticut, Colorado, Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, Lagos Nigeria, Monrovia Liberia Apostle Dr. Cynthia, on October 6, 2012 as she was affirmed into the office of an apostle sent of God. International Ministers Fellowship, USA (IMF) in Columbus Ohio, into the office of an Apostle of Jesus Christ to equip His saints for the works of ministry. To God be the Glory!!! In August 2013 Apostle Cynthia relocated to Houston Texas continuing in Kingdom Building and equipping the saints.

Dr. Cynthia has sat on various ministry boards, she has broadcasted on christian radio, and can be found on Periscope, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter she believes that Yeshua Elohim has opened many venues for the working of effective ministry, that can bring healing and deliverance in this hour to the body of Christ... She believes that YAH is looking for the faithful and if you are being lead to co-labor she would love to hear from you. There is room in the Kingdom!

And Still The JOURNEY Continues...